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In the open yard by the Dodgems in 1975. Mechanic Clive Sunley sits on a small juvenile ride, with a Streets Rifle Range behind. Note the Dodgem sign behind: “Checks for this ride obtainable from Dodgem Cash Desk.” Photograph: Derek Taylor

The inflatable circus frontage of the Fun House, pictured at the start of the 1981 season. Inside were a variety of amusements, including a slide, machines, rides – even a mini zoo. The zoo featured monkeys, parrots, gerbils and guinea pigs. The Fun House was the brainchild of Stuart Keane and was located in the former Lounge Cinema auditorium. Photograph: Bridlington Free Press

Robert and Peter Brown, who ran Joyland in the 1970s and 1980s, with their mother, Margaret, at Sewerby Grange. Photograph: Peter and Linda Brown

The Laughing Sailor, a machine which became synonymous with Joyland, standing adjacent to the Promenade entrance. Photograph: Nick Laister

The Promenade frontage of The Forum pictured on a dull winter’s day in 1998. Behind the new façade can clearly be seen Joyland’s 1930s amusement park-style art deco entrance. This entrance was once illuminated and bedecked with flags; by the late 1990s it was crumbling and almost derelict. Photograph: Nick Laister

Remnants of Joyland: The Coronation Ark pillars in January 2000, still featuring the black paint and cut-out stars it sported when it was the Joyland Speedway in 1980. The Ark is currently stored in the yard of Derbyshire-based independent showman, Jack Schofield. Photograph: Nick Laister

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