The Forum - Photo Gallery

Deep inside the Forum is the Cinema ticket office (pictured here in its 1998 guise), where visitors can also buy popcorn and other snacks to eat with the latest film. Photograph: Nick Laister

A December 1998 publicity picture taken at the cinema entrance inside the Forum to celebrate the release of the film ‘Star Trek: Insurrection’. Photograph: Bridlington Free Press

In 1994, J Noble & Sons installed a full size AMF 10 pin bowling alley with 10 lanes. This photograph was taken in 1999. Photograph: Nick Laister

In the 1990s, the Forum also featured a Wimpy franchise, one of numerous places to eat in the complex. Photograph: Nick Laister

A view of Bar Utopia, located on the first floor behind the conservatory-style windows above the Esplanade entrance. By day this is a bar and carvery restaurant; by night it is a lively venue. Photograph: Nick Laister

The recent Forum extension (part of the former Corrigan arcade). This arcade has now been incorporated into the Forum by knocking through the internal walls, very reminiscent of the way that the original Joyland was incorporated into Luna Park in the 1930s. Photograph: Nick Laister

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