Deleted Sections

Pennies by the Sea has over 38,000 words, but the original draft ran to over 56,000 words. The publishers have decided to make available some of the sections that were deleted from the book's original manuscript, which were considered to be too good to throw in the dustbin!

>>Percy Firth
The story of the man who sowed the seeds of Joyland.

>>Repairs and maintenance
How the collection of buildings was kept watertight.

>>Thwarted Plans

Charlotte Brown's early expansion plans.

>>The Lounge Cinema
The history of the cinema that became part of Joyland

>>Harry Brown

Harry Brown keeps a watchful eye on his Pleasureland staff.

>>Dodgem Trouble

How the Dodgems were nearly destroyed in the 1970s.

>>The Forum Cinema

A race against time to open Bridlington's new cinema.

>>Jack Henry

From the 1940s to the 1980s, the story of a Joyland stalwart.

>>Dennis Tate

The story of Joyland slot machine mechanic.

>>Walter Hoyes

Joyland's chief mechanic: one man and his lathe.

>>Ronald Walls

How the paths of Ronald and Joyland would repeatedly cross.

>>The Kentucky Derby

The story of Stuart Keane and his world-famous competitive game.

>>Harbour Top Amusements

Tales of bingo prizes and excitement up a ladder!

>>Utopia: Planning Permission!

Permission is finally granted for a first floor bar at The Forum.

>>Newspaper Cuttings

Cuttings from the Bridlington Free Press.


Crime was still a major problem at Joyland, even in the 1980s...

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