Boneo: Dem bones, dem bones
More on the memorable singing skeleton at Joyland's entrance.

Pennies by the Sea features a small section on the coin operated singing skeleton at the Promenade (town centre) entrance to the Joyland complex:

"Another popular attraction, that replaced the Cry Baby by the Promenade entrance in the 1970s, was Boneo, a latex skeleton inside a coffin which sang the song ‘Them Bones Theme Bones’, whilst dancing around its coffin."

In January 2013, the author was contacted by John Wardley, who became well-known in the amusement park industry for designing several major roller coasters at Alton Towers and Thorpe Park. John had some information on Boneo, which we have posted here:

"I used to manufacture those latex skeletons and sell them to Mike Chester of Wainfleet who used to put them in a coffin with an animation mechanism and soundbox and sell them as Boneo machines.

"So the skeleton shown in the photograph is actually one of my manufacture!"

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Joyland’s all signing and dancing skeleton, Boneo, pictured in the early 1970s in the Workshop. Steve Honour is re-wiring the machine. The skeleton was manufactured by John Wardley. Photograph: Ronald Walls

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