The following are corrections that have come to light since the publication of the book:

Page 5, bottom caption:
Replace "It would eventually de demolished..." with "It would eventually be demolished".

Page 27, line 3:
Replace "Firth was not travelling showman..." with "Firth was not a travelling showman..."

Page 27, para 4, line 4:
Replace "Margaret" with "Marjorie".

Page 27, second line from bottom:
James Walter Firth died in 1953, not 1963.

Page 40, line 12:
Replace "...minimal staff costs that the resulted in..." with "...minimal staff costs that resulted in..."

Page 40, bottom caption:
Percy Firth died in 1954, not 1953.

Page 41, fifth line from bottom:
Insert full stop at end of sentence.

Page 63, bottom caption:
Replace " array of signs would be added to he facade..." with " array of signs would be added to the facade..."

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